First Post!

First post, ever!

I've only been working at the hospital since May, and despite the ups and downs - the experience has been great *sans sarcasm. I've relished the time spent with patients, even if I'm doing some seemingly insignificant chore. . . I could be changing a bed pan or wiping a butt for pete's sake, and you'd think I was adorning them with jewels! Obviously this is not a reference to the patients who sock me in the jaw, who press their call buttons every two minutes, or who simply relish in their role as "patient" - "my pillow needs propping!" More so I refer to the individuals who are often times the sickest and most chronically ill, and despite the hand they've been dealt, are the most gracious and kind. It humbles me. When suffering is a part of their every day life, you wonder what makes this paradox possible?

The patients and their families are easy as pie compared to some of the fellow "team members" who take pleasure in making my job less than ideal. It took me a couple of weeks and several experiences in which I was feasted upon by seasoned nurses, to realize that I was fresh meat, and new material for round table discussion at the nurses station. "I can't believe it took her that long to document vitals, it wouldn't take that long for my dog to get vitals." Well it shouldn't be that hard for them to believe, really. Their refusal as "RN" to even lay a hand on their patients results in twice as much work for me. It's a linear equation, you can do the math, nurse ratched.

When I say the experience has been great -- I am not excluding the negative ones! They have served me well! I went into this saying "Co-workers and patients will most certainly like me! I'm always smiling, always willing to help lighten their load. I'm enthusiastic and happy; inquisitive and willing to learn! I will not let their apathy and cynicism swallow me whole!" (What can I say? I watched a lot of Disney movies in my youth. Confession. I still do.)

But thanks to the nurse ratched's out there - I've learned an important lesson; mean, miserable people do not like happy and optimistic people. And the more you smile at them, the less they like you. But mark my words, my optimism will persevere! I'm here to learn the craft of healing, not to win a seat at the cool kids lunch table.

Along with a cup of delicious coffee in the morning, my ritual before heading to work is drinking a delicious smoothie. It's filling (which makes skipping break easier because I'm not hungry yet). It's a way to start to the day right - and I can slurp it down in the car (no crumbs!) On days when my alarm has gone off late (or not at all) or I simply can't kick myself into 2nd gear - I have to sacrifice this ritual. Those are the days when I find most every task daunting, because I'm not in that "I can do it!" frame of mind.

If a trying day lay ahead, or you just need to start the day off right -- this smoothie can (practically) guarantee success.

Recipe for success/survival of a 12 hour shift:
-1 cup of mixed berries (fresh or frozen) *mind you it's July so I've been enjoying blueberries, raspberries and cherries from the farmers market! Hooray!
-1 cup of plain organic yogurt (or soy)
-1 1/2 cups low-fat organic milk or soy or almond
-1 tbs ground flaxseed (fresher the better!)
-1 tbs of honey *only for those who need added sweetness

Enjoy : ) Will post again soon!