Well, the four days spent in Italy were fantastic! We swam in the Mediterannean *never thought I'd say that*, went snorkling, there were fresh figs in arms reach *I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming*, wonderful seafood, gelato, foccacia, espresso, and exploration..... I could have stayed and continued this gluteny indefinitely and lived a wonderful life of sin. Saturday came, our day to head off on our adventure, map in hand.... but we started off on the wrong foot, with a missed boat to Montorosso, the day continued to reveal that our plan was not fool proof. Turns out we had decided to backpack down the Cinqua Terre on the wrong week - the Italian National Holiday. The Cinqua Terre is on the Italian Riviera, in the Liguria region including five breathtaking villages, mountains dropping off into the sea, we had planned to set up camp at a hotel or hostel and do the backpacking during the day. After visiting every hotel, inn, and hostel in Montorosso (I'm being dramatic - there aren't THAT many, but still, it was really hot) we threw up our hands, ordered a few drinks and decided we would train it back to Switzerland, in a few hours.....

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