lessons from mother.... earth

"The universe is indifferent", according to Don Draper on Mad Men. I'm not sure I agree, I think the universe has an off kilter sense of humor that lands us in awkward circumstances for its very own amusement. From these situations we can assimilate lessons, learn from them, and in the future avoid them if at all possible. Here is one thing I've learned amidst the turns, twists and stumbles of fate: love your mother. Whomever she may be. And maybe, if you're lucky, she'll love you back, and plant you in a bright and sunny spot, where you can grow and thrive.

So you've decided to plant a garden, you sew the seeds, fertilize the soil, provide it sunlight, and rain. You are patient with its growth cycles, you talk to it, you intervene when you see it needs pruning, water, or light. You also give it a lot of love, in such case its safe to assume that the garden will love you back. What more does a bean sprout need? But if you step, stomp, and spit on it, if you scream, yell, and kick it, it will wither up and die. If you grow it up just so you can cut it down to size, while you tower over it with your garden shears, it won't be beautiful, productive or happy. It will be a sad stump of a sprout. What a crying shame. People should really give more thought to gardening. It's a huge responsibility.

So love your mother, and if you're lucky she will love you back. Fortunately for the universe, there are mothers everywhere, with keen instincts to grow, care for, and nurture those of us that need a little bit more tending to. Lucky for me, there are many women who put me in their brightest light, who shower me with support. Daunting as the garden shears towering over me might be, I continue to rise, grow, and shine on.

"... you may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, but the scent of the roses will hang round it still."

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